If you heard about The Cellulite Assassin by Erica Nguyen and you are not sure if this program is what you need in order to get rid of your cellulite, then this page is for you.

In today’s review you will find out what this program is all about, what are the things that you will get when purchasing it, what are the main positives and negatives of this anti cellulite solution, and most importantly, after reading this review you will understand better if Erica Nguyen’s anti-cellulite system is the best choice for your own needs or not.

Let’s start with a short description about The Cellulite Assassin so you can understand better what this program is all about…


cellulite assassin

What Exactly Is The Cellulite Assassin?


Short description

Created by Erica Nguyen, a certified personal trainer and one of the most famous cellulite experts in the US, “The Cellulite Assassin” is a step-by-step guide on how to get rid of cellulite naturally and without any pills or anti-cellulite creams.

The guide contains a few natural solutions to eliminate cellulite by using the right combination of simple dietary changes and special anti-cellulite exercises, with a special attention to hormones and how to prevent their influence from causing cellulite.

The exercises described by Erica Nguyen target different cellulite areas without any intense cardio and require about 15-20 minutes of your time, around 3 times a week. The dietary changes are very specific and they don’t require you to give up on carbs or to starve yourself.

Erica Nguyen claims that by following her Cellulite Assassin program most women will see noticeable results in less than 8 weeks…

What Is Included Inside The Cellulite Assassin Program:

  • The main guide of The Cellulite Assassin system which contains all the dietary advice, exercises and other tips in order to get rid of cellulite on the thighs, legs and butt once and for all.
  • A Printable Schedule that shows you exactly what do and when to do it in order to get the best results.
  • The “Cellulite Melting Routines Sheet” – Here you will find 3 simple routines that take only a few minutes a day and can be done almost anywhere in order to get better results in less time.
  • Three bonus guides named: “Moles, Warts, & Skin Tags No More!”,”Ageless” and “The Metabolism Bible”…

The Cellulite Assassin book

The Pros And Cons Of The Cellulite Assassin


The Pros


  • Erica Nguyen’s guide offers a unique combination of a proper diet plan and special exercises which lead to much better results in the long term.
  • Available for immediate download – there is no need to wait days or even weeks to start following the program.
  • No creams or anti-cellulite pills are required in order to use the program. This can save you a lot of money.
  • Good customer support from Erica Nguyen and her support team via email.
  • Easy to follow step-by-step program that requires exercising only three days a week.
  • The Cellulite Assassin comes with a full money back guarantee for 60 days. Considering that Erica Nguyen promises results in less than 8 weeks, there is really no risk in giving her program a try…


The Cons


  • Takes at least several weeks to see noticeable results.
  • Requires some diet modifications and exercising on your part.
  • Can be purchased online only.
  • The 3 bonuses that come with the main guide don’t relate to cellulite.



the official cellulite cureShould You Get The Cellulite Assassin?


The Cellulite Assassin is for you if:


  • You are looking for an anti-cellulite solution that combines diet and targeted exercises.
  • You don’t want to spend extra money on cellulite creams and pills.
  • You have a busy schedule and you can’t exercise every day.
  • You are looking for a risk-free solution that comes with a full money back guarantee.


The Cellulite Assassin is not for you if:


  • You don’t have time for exercising at all.
  • You are not planning to do even small diet modifications.
  • You prefer learning everything that is required from you in order to get rid of your cellulite by watching video tutorials instead of reading a guide.


The Cellulite Assassin reviewFinal Words:

Unlike other anti-cellulite programs that focus only on diet or exercises, The Cellulite Assassin system offers a great combination of methods that tackle both of these aspects at the same time. This program is very reasonably priced and it can be a good solution for women who don’t need video tutorials and want to learn how to get rid of their cellulite for good by following both an exercise program and a proper nutrition plan.

There is no doubt that this anti-cellulite program can deliver great results if you will have patience and dedication. In addition, the customer support from Erica Nguyen is really helpful, which is also a very important advantage.

All in all, we will absolutely recommend this program for women who try to get rid of their cellulite naturally, especially those who are on a limited budget…

Well, that’s it for today. We hope that you have found this Cellulite Assassin review helpful… have a great day!

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