My Bikini Butt

If you heard about My Bikini Butt by Andrea Albright and you are not sure if this body sculpting program is really for you then you have found the right page.

On this My Bikini Butt review you will uncover what the My Bikini Butt program is all about, what it contains, what are the pros and cons of this popular body sculpting system and more important, you will understand better if Andrea Albright’s product is really the ideal choice for YOU or not.

Before everything else, let’s talk about the basics and understand better what My Bikini Butt is all about.

My Bikini Butt Review

What Exactly Is My Bikini Butt?


Created by Andrea Albright, a well-known fitness specialist, My Bikini Butt can be best described as a 28-day exercise program that shows women how to get a perfectly toned body, get rid of cellulites and reduce fats from specific problem areas, such as the butt, upper legs and hips.

Andrea Albright claims that the main reason her fitness program works so well is because the exercises included are real simple to follow and teach. Thus, it makes it possible for women to get their attention-grabbing butt in just 28 days.

To help women achieve their goals of having a fit body and “beach-worthy” butt, Andrea Albright provides a comprehensive training program that specifically contains the following exercise methods:


Cheek Chiseler – This is a sequence of movements that are especially geared towards helping you carve out fats in stubborn areas, like fats found between your thighs and butt.

Bikini Sculptor – This technique helps you get back your slender body by reducing the size of your fat cells.

Bikini Blaster – Tried and tested moves that specifically target your buttocks, abdomen, hips and upper leg area.

Bubble Butt – This basically gives your butt a lifting effect.

Smooth Out Cellulite – This method detoxifies your fat cells and removes any embarrassing trace of cellulite on your body.

Butt Kicker – This whips you up into shape fast.

My Butt Feels So Good – This makes certain that your butt will look stunning no matter what angle you look at it.


We won’t explain in detail each component of this program in this review because you can find more comprehensive information about all the components at this page, however, here are some of the major tools you’ll get once you sign up for this body sculpting training system:


  • The “BikiniButt Success Journal” that helps track your progress to keep you always motivated.
  • The “Blast the Fat Ebook” that contains four straightforward diet principles and also features The Eat Your Favorite Foods Principle. With this tool, you’ll learn how to remove the excess fats while still getting perfectly toned muscles.
  • The “100 Fat Melting Recipes” which ensures that you don’t deprive yourself of healthy yet delicious foods for weight loss and increased energy.
  • The “MINI-VACATION Spa Escape 1 to 3” video series that will help you unwind and give your body time to recharge for a couple of days a week before you resume your 28-day My Bikini Butt challenge.
  • 2 special bonus items, including the “VIP Bikini Beach Club” which lets you keep in touch with Andrea Albright and the rest of the community, and the 24/7 unlimited email support.


These are basically the important things you need to know about the My Bikini Butt exercise training program. Now, in order to help you decide about whether you should sign up or not for this program, let’s tackle the different pros and cons of the Andrea Albright’s Bikini Butt program.

My Bikini Butt Program

The Pros And Cons Of My Bikini Butt


The Pros

Proven And Tested

My Bikini Butt was created after years of research and testing and it is not just some exercise program that’s sugarcoated to fool people into buying something that have not been proven to be safe and effective.

Approved by Professionals

Medical practitioners and other professionals approve this program and one of the main reasons they approve it is because of its positive effect on the health of people with heart problems and in the prevention of diseases tied to an inactive lifestyle. By preventing these problems, this program actually also helps to improve your overall health.

Not Very Exhausting To Execute

Most of the exercises inside the My Bikini Butt program are pretty easy to perform and in fact, it is said that both young and older women can do the exercises included in the My Bikini Butt program without problems.

Boosts Your Self-Esteem

You don’t have to wear concealing clothes just to hide your embarrassing cellulite dimples or saggy butt every time you go to the beach. With the help of this program, you’ll gain a renewed image of yourself and feel happier to flaunt your body.

Reasonably Priced

Compared to similar programs online which usually cost hundreds of dollars, we personally believe that Andrea Albright’s Bikini Butt program is relatively affordable. If you consider the various components and special bonuses included in this program, not to mention the positive results you’ll get, this program offers great value for money.

My Bikini Butt is Backed By A Money-Back Guarantee

Since this program has a proven track record, Andrea Albright is so confident about it that she’s willing to give users a full refund if ever it fails to impress them in 60 days.


The Cons


Requires Users to Have Self-Discipline

Chances are you’re going to follow this program by yourself at home so you have to depend on yourself to do the required exercises and follow the advice to get the desired results. True dedication and real efforts are very important for your success and Andrea Albright’s My Bikini Butt program is absolutely not a “quick fix”.

This Product is Available Only Online

As of this moment, the My Bikini Butt program can only be bought online and in digital format. Thus, it would be useless to look for it at brick-and-mortar stores.


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My Bikini Butt Andrea AlbrightFinal Words

On the whole, we believe that My Bikini Butt by Andrea Albright is a very effective exercise program that contains all the necessary tools that will help women get rid of their saggy butt and get a toned body without crash dieting or taking potentially dangerous drugs.

We especially like the fact that this was not carelessly put together just for the sake of offering something new or earning a profit. Once you purchase this, you’ll tap into the expertise of a recognized fitness expert, Andrea Albright and you’ll learn specific techniques that come after years of research, thus, they’re proven to be effective and safe to execute.

We also like how for a relatively low price women can gain access to an online support community and keep in touch with Andrea Albright herself, which is one of the most important things for real long term success.

With that said, My Bikini Butt is not for every woman.

If you think that Andrea Albright’s program is some magical solution, which gives you a “to-die-for butt” and lean body without exerting effort, giving time and being disciplined, then My Bikini Butt is probably not for you. In addition, if you are on a tight budget and your only goal is to get rid of cellulite then you may want to check Joey Atlas’ Truth About Cellulite program instead.

On other hand, if you’re searching for a tested and proven exercise training program that covers everything you need to shrink those fat cells, get rid of cellulites, whip your body into shape and also improve your overall health, then My Bikini Butt is absolutely for you.

Furthermore, the online community and unlimited email support you get from Andrea Albright and her team ensure that you’ll get all the help you need in order to avoid getting stuck and stick to the program till the end. Plus, the 60-day money-back guarantee makes the My Bikini Butt a totally risk-free system, so you really don’t have anything to lose…

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Well, that’s it. We are really hoping that our review on My Bikini Butt was helpful for you. Below is also one great video from Andrea Albright that provides some examples of her butt sculpting exercises, you can check it out if you have few more minutes.

We wish you all the best and success!