exercises to reduce celluliteCellulite looks like dimples on the skin and are caused by pockets of fat that are trapped under the surface of the skin. You will find this on almost anyone, and not only on those who are overweight. Both men and women can have cellulite, but it is said to affect ninety percent of women, especially those who have gone through childbirth.

One of the main causes for cellulite is hormones, which are governed by the body characteristics that are inherent in genes. If there are parents or siblings who have cellulite, the chances are that you will develop it as well. A major factor common of most people who do exhibit signs of cellulite is the nature of their lifestyle. People who are sedentary and do not move around much are more likely to develop cellulite than others.

The obvious corollary from this is that those who are active will have less parts of their skin covered with cellulite. This is the reason that exercises to reduce cellulite can help to easily control this basically cosmetic condition.

Cellulite creams can also help to temporarily reduce cellulite. They have ingredients like caffeine which act to plump the skin and reduce the visibility of the cellulite, but this will reappear as soon as the cream usage is discontinued. People not accustomed to exercises do use cellulite massagers that break down the fat and thus flush out cellulite.

But by far the best method of ensuring that cellulite does not form under the skin is to maintain a more active lifestyle. Stand while you are working, take daily walks and set up a daily schedule for exercises, and the chances are that you will gradually see the cellulite disappear. The pockets of fat do cause the skin to stretch and exercises to reduce cellulite are the best way to ensure that the skin regains its original shape gradually, than any drastic diet to get rid of fat.

Lower body exercises are more important than upper body exercises and should be done in a two to one ratio. Leg muscles have more muscle mass than the upper arms and chest, and performing lower body exercises will help to burn more calories and reduce the fat that has formed as cellulite.

Effective exercises to reduce cellulite will contain a circuit of three or more exercises, two for the lower body and one for the upper body. These must be done without a break for 15 repetitions each. Rest after one circuit and repeat the exercise. Rest again and do the exercises for the third time. Exercises must not be only cardio and must include strength training to develop the muscles. Find the right combination and alternate the exercises as necessary.

Diet can also play a large part in the formation of cellulite. You need to cut out processed food, reduce alcohol consumption and concentrate on eating whole food and lean meat along with a lot of fresh vegetables and fruits.

The fat that has caused the cellulite is something that comes to your body from your diet and unwanted calories. Control this and set up a routine of exercises to reduce cellulite.

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Remember, cellulite is something that you can eliminate, just be dedicated and put in the right efforts!

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